Persons Urged to Treat Water Before Consuming in Light of the Current Drought

Director, Health Promotion and Protection, Dr. Sonia Copeland says in light of the present drought conditions and the increase in the storage of water, persons are being urged to treat their water before consuming.

“Usually at this time we see an increase in persons collecting water from various untreated sources including rivers and streams. This water may not be safe for consumption,” she says.

Dr. Copeland says the ways to make water safe include adding bleach and boiling.

“When boiling ensure that you allow the water to boil up for at least five minutes before removing it from the fire. Cover it and let it cool before using,” Dr. Copeland explained.

In terms of adding bleach, Dr. Copeland says the amount depends on the quantity of water.

“For one litre or one quart of water, two drops of bleach should be added; For twenty litres or five gallons, we recommend half of a teaspoon of bleach and for 170 litres or 45 gallons, 4 and half teaspoons of bleach should be added to the water. Ensure that you mix well and leave it for 30 minutes before consuming,” she said.

Water should be treated before drinking or making drinks, washing fruits and vegetables, making ice, preparing food and washing dishes and utensils.