Statement of the Minister of Health & Wellness Virtual Press Conference Office of the Prime Minister, Jamaica House, Kingston

Honourable Prime Minister, Colleague Ministers, Members of the media, Members of the Public all, good evening.


COVID-19 Numbers

  • Jamaica has recorded 30 new COVID-19 cases in the last 24 hours. The island now has 958 confirmed positives.
  • Of the newly confirmed cases, 19 are females and 11 are males, with ages ranging from 6 to 87 years.
  • Four (4) are imported cases, with addresses in St. James (3) and Clarendon (1). They arrived in the island in early July from the United States. Two (2) of the four (4) have already returned to the United States.
  • The other 26 cases are from Clarendon (11), St. Thomas (11), Kingston and St. Andrew (2), St. Catherine (1) and St. Mary (1). Five (5) of the 26 are cases are contacts of confirmed cases and 21 are under investigation.



At this time, there are:

  • 352 imported cases;
  • 278 cases that are contacts of confirmed cases;
  • 62 local transmission cases not epidemiologically linked;
  • 236 related to the workplace cluster in St. Catherine; and
  • 30 cases are under investigation.


Breakdown of 958 positives

Of the 958 cases confirmed with COVID-19 to date:

  • 745 or 77.8% have recovered;
  • 52 or 5.4% have repatriated; and
  • 12 or 1.3% have died.


There are 149 or 15.5% active cases currently under observation, including seven (7) moderately ill persons.  There ae no critically ill persons at this time.


Testing Numbers over the last 24

  • Testing numbers for the island are now up to 41,840.
  • This follows the testing of 541 new samples over the last 24 hours.
  • In addition to the 958 positives, there are 40,835 negatives and 47 pending.


St. Thomas Quarantine

CHURCH CORNER QUARANTINE AREA – The area of interest spans approximately 0.9 Sq. Km and is bounded by a 4.3 km perimeter.
NORTH The boundary will start at the intersection of the Morant River and the Bustamante Bridge and will continue in a north-easterly direction along the Rozelle to Morant Bay Road to the roundabout and then continue along the perimeter of the Red Hills Cemetery to the intersection with Summit Boulevard and then easterly to where Stony Gut Avenue and Paul Place intersect, then the boundary will continue south-easterly for approximately 0.2 km to the intersection of Summit Road and Summit Grove and then due east for approximately 0.3 km to where it meets the river.


EAST The boundary will continue in a southerly direction along the river to where it meets the coast.


SOUTH The boundary will continue from where the river meets the coast and then continue in a south-westerly direction along the coast to where it intersects with the Morant River.
WEST The boundary will continue in a north-westerly direction from the coast along the Morant River to its intersection with the Bustamante Bridge.



Clarendon Quarantine Update

  • As the country will already be aware, the community of Sandy Bay in Clarendon has been put under 14-day quarantine. The quarantine became effective at 6:00 am today (August 6, 2020) and will run until Thursday, August 20 (2020) at 6:00 a.m.
  • A public health team has been deployed to the community. That team includes doctors, public health nurses, public health inspectors and community health aides, in addition to health promotion and education officers.
  • Their scope of work include finalising the logistics to allow for the expedited rollout of ongoing contact tracing, sampling of persons and public education.
  • Of note is that contact tracing has been ongoing in the area since Tuesday when 121 households were visited. Also, all positive cases in the last 24 hours are being pinned to GPS mapping for analysis and to inform our strategy going forward.
  • The team is also working with the Ministry of Labour and Social Security to coordinate care for the households under quarantine.



Jamaica’s COVID-19 numbers are increasing. The public health team is working hard on testing and contact tracing, as well as on keeping the public informed of the developments with the pandemic. Our doctors and nurses are caring for those who are ill. However, we cannot, on our own, defeat COVID-19.

We need the people of Jamaica and the visitors to the island to do their part by abiding by quarantine orders and practicing infection prevention and control measures – from maintaining the six-feet physical distance from others to frequently washing hands, sanitizing commonly used surfaces and wearing masks.

Thank you.


Clinical Management Summary as at 3:00 p.m. on Thursday, 6 August, 2020

Total Samples Tested


New Samples tested in the last 24 hours


Discharge samples tested in the last 24 hours


Results Positive


Results Negative


Results Pending






Number in Facility Quarantine


Number in Home Quarantine 24,851


Number Hospitalised

(Including suspected positive COVID-19 cases)

Persons Moderately Ill


Persons Critically Ill


Persons in Facility Isolation


Persons in Home Isolation


Persons in Transitional Facilities 5
Persons Repatriated 52