Aedes Attack

🕔Thursday July 16, 2020

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Vitals – A Quarterly Report of the Ministry of Health (May 2019)

🕔Wednesday May 8, 2019

The Ministry of Health & Wellness is pleased to present this special edition of Vitals, which focuses on the health trends and statistics of our children from birth to adolescence. In this edition, we will explore health status indicators for this age group. The first 1,000 days of a child’s… Read More

Vision for Health 2030 – Ten Year Strategic Plan 2019 – 2030

🕔Wednesday May 8, 2019

This Vision for Health 2030 – Ten-year Strategic Plan signals our intentions and communicates our vision for the health of and health care delivery system for our population. For the next ten years, our challenge is to find the most effective mix of prevention and treatment measures that makes the… Read More

Green Paper on National Health Insurance Plan for Jamaica

🕔Wednesday May 8, 2019

Every Government is challenged to finance their public health care system at a level that will guarantee the provision of adequate and effective services. It is therefore important that mechanisms are developed that will reduce the burden of financing borne by the State and individual health seekers. Since the health… Read More

Extraordinary 5-Year CapEx for Health Plan 2019 – 2024

🕔Wednesday May 8, 2019

Over the next five years, the Ministry of Health & Wellness intends to make significant capital investments that should result in an improvement in the infrastructure and equipment at selected public hospitals and health centres; the use of technology in patient management and management of resources; new service offerings; technological… Read More