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Staff Orders for the Public Service


  1. The Staff Orders of the Public Service of Jamaica governs the Conditions of Service for Public Officers. It comprises provisions from relevant legislation, regulations, policies, directives and the results of collective bargaining agreements between the Government and the respective unions and staff associations. For the purpose of these Orders the terms Public Officers, Public Employees, Officers and Employees are used interchangeably and refer to persons employed in the Central Government Service, in accordance with the Public Service Regulations.
  2. In these Staff Orders except where the context otherwise requires:
    • A Permanent Secretary is responsible for the overall management of a Ministry under the general direction and control of the Minister.
    • A Head of Department is responsible for the overall management of a Department, reports to a Permanent Secretary or may have some other autonomous reporting relationship.
    • The expression “Appropriate Authority” means the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry or the Head of Department where the Department does not fall under a Ministry.
  3. It is the responsibility of each Permanent Secretary/Head of Department to ensure that the Staff Orders and all Government notifications and instructions issued from time to time are brought to the attention of employees, and made readily available and easily accessible.
  4. Any or all the provisions of the Staff Orders may be adopted for use by any other entity within the wider Public Service.

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