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Legislative Framework

The following Laws and Regulations primarily govern the functions of the Division:

The Food and Drugs Act, 1964

  • The Food and Drugs Regulations, 1975
  • The Dangerous Drugs Act, 1948
  • The Dangerous Drugs Regulations, 1948
  • The Precursor Chemicals Act, 1999
  • The Nursing Homes Registration Act, 1934
  • The Nursing Homes Registration Regulations, 1934

Food and Drugs Regulation

The Food and Drugs Regulation Act authorizes the regulation of foods, drugs, cosmetics and medical devices. The scope of authority includes domestically manufactured, as well, as products imported for use. Under the Act and Regulations, local manufacturing sites should possess current manufacturing licences renewable annually and comply with Good Manufacturing Practice standards. The registration and licensing, importation, sale and distribution of the designated products are also covered. Under the Act similar standards for quality, safety and efficacy are applicable for both imported and locally manufactured products.

Dangerous Drug Act

The Dangerous Drug Act allows for the monitoring and control against the illicit use of specific narcotic drugs such as cocaine and morphine and psychotropic substances such as Ganja (marijuana).

The Precursor Chemicals Act provides for the monitoring and control of precursor chemicals and other chemical substances used or capable of being used in any form of illicit operations involving narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances or other substances having a similar effect.

Nursing Home Registration Act

The Nursing Home Registration Act ensures registration and the proper operation of nursing homes and other facilities named in the Act such as maternity homes. The Act defines a nursing home as any premises used or intended to be used to provide nursing for individuals affected by any sickness, injury or infirmity but does not include hospitals or other premises operated or controlled by a government department.

The laws specify the breaches and applicable penalties and fines. They are amended from time to time so as to keep pace with current needs.