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TERMS OF REFERENCE – Consultant (Learning & Development)


Project Location Jamaica
Title: Consultant (Learning & Development)
Place of Work Corporate Services Division / Human Resource Management & Development
Project Name Ministry of Health and Wellness Transformation Programme
Funding Source Government of Jamaica/Ministry of Health and Wellness
Project Duration 6 Months
Proposed Start date June 2023


OBJECTIVES: To conduct a training needs assessment and, based on the results, develop a thorough training plan/ to identify and bridge knowledge and skill gaps in the workforce in order to achieve optimal performance.



Health is essential to human capital development and therefore key to national development and social well-being. Jamaica’s growth and the macroeconomic situation operate within the context of the Jamaica Vision 2030 Jamaica – National Development Plan (Vision 2030 Jamaica). Jamaica is classified by the World Bank as an upper middle-income country, however, for decades the country has struggled with low growth, high public debt, and many external shocks that have weakened the economy. Implementing comprehensive reform programmes has resulted in improvements in most indicators for economic and social development.



The Ministry of Health and Wellness (MOHW) is responsible for the health of the people of Jamaica and is focused on developing and implementing national strategies for improving health, delivering effective quality health services, setting standards and regulations, and carrying out essential public health functions while promoting inter-sectoral actions for health.  Acknowledging that a healthy and stable population is needed to drive the country’s development, the Ministry of Health has developed its Vision for Health 2030 – a ten-year Strategic Plan.



The Ministry of Health and Wellness (MOHW) is now implementing key actions in its Transformation Programme.  The MOHW is on a trajectory in ensuring that the organization has competent human resources to assist the organization in the achievement of its strategic goals.

Effectively analyzing what employees need to improve will greatly assist in saving time and company resources.

The Human Resource Planning and Development Section is tasked with assessing and auditing the current capacity of employees taking into consideration the Ministry’s flexibility to meet short-term staffing challenges while adapting to changing conditions in the labour market over the long term.  This will enable the Section to predict future workforce needs and develop plans to make optimal use of employees’ skills and aptitudes. Hence, the Ministry should strategically plan maintain a steady supply of skilled employees and assist the organization in evaluating their developmental needs and planning ahead to meet those needs.  As such, the HRPD is required to conduct a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) to identify the necessary training and development needed by the employees to perform their job to the best of their ability. This process will facilitate the HRPD in highlighting gaps in an employee’s capabilities, skills, and knowledge and assist the Human Resource Management and Development Branch in its strategic initiatives.



The objectives of the consultancy are:

  1. Identify the Ministry’s current human resources supply and assess the strength of the organization based on the number of employees, their skills, and qualification;
  2. Outline the future of the Ministry’s workforce, incorporating issues such as retirement, promotions, resignations, etc., and look at external factors that can impact the employees;
  3. Formulating a Training Needs Analysis Plan, (TNAP) to identify the skill gaps of the employees within the Ministry and recommend training and developmental programmes to address the deficiencies;



The consultant is expected to:

  • Develop a work plan that outlines the key activities to be completed under the consultancy to achieve the stated objectives
  • Consult with executive management and branch heads to determine long-term planning and strategic goals that training will support
  • Conduct stakeholder meetings with heads of department and direct reports/employees to determine and identify skills and competencies needed to effectively perform the duties
  • Align the Ministry’s current learning programs with the organizational goals to ensure alignment and that it corresponds with MOHW objectives;
  • Prepare a Skills Matrix to identify, and define the skills, knowledge, and abilities required to achieve Ministry wide goals, defining success and how it will be measured;
  • Analyzes the performance of individual employees to find out how they could be improved and document the skills staff need to do their jobs.
  • Evaluate current skills by comparing job role requirements to current performance to find current skill levels;
  • Review current training being conducted by the Ministry and recommend what could be improved, what should be abandoned, or what is working well;
  • Conduct a performance gap analysis
  • Establish a Training Needs Analysis Plan for areas that identify that training will yield the desired results/outcomes
  • Recommend solutions for issues that clearly outline that a TNAP is not the ideal solution
  • This scope of work is not considered exhaustive and modifications will be considered during the course of the project. All changes to the scope of work shall be formally agreed upon by both parties.



No. Deliverables % Timeline
1.                      Work plan – This is the operational document for the consultancy and is used to determine the required inputs for the development and delivery of the output of the consultancy. As such the Work plan document must detail:

§  Methodology for providing the key outputs of the consultancy

§  Resources required that are outside of the control of the consultant

§  Timeline for the achievement of tasks associated with the consultant deliverables


10 % Within ten (10) days of signing the contract
2.         Skills Matrix

§  This document will outline all the skills, knowledge and abilities needed by the Ministry to achieve its strategic goals.  

15% Based on the implementation plan
3.         Performance Gap Analysis

§  This document will analyse the performance of employees and what would be improved on and document what skills are needed to enhance their performance and do their jobs well.

15% Based on the implementation plan.
4.         Training Needs Analysis Plan

§  This plan should clearly outline the organization’s goals and

the knowledge and skills required for goals at each level, that is, organizational, group and individual.

45% Based on the implementation plan.
5.         Recommendations

§  Outline solutions to issues or gaps that clearly indicate that a TNAP is not the recommended solution.

15% Based on the implementation plan.



This job is satisfactorily performed when:

  • The Consultant takes full responsibility for the project deliverables, quality, and success.
  • Important milestones are met and deliverables executed
  • Reports and documents are accurate, maintained, and submitted in a timely manner
  • Work complies with technical specifications and policies
  • All team members are kept abreast of current and relevant information
  • Confidentiality and integrity are maintained



Nature of The Assignment: The assignment is based on an individual services contract arrangement
Level of Effort: Full-time level of effort
Period of Contract 6 months (non-consecutive days)
Payment Method Deliverable based contract. Payments will be made on the submission of the defined outputs of the assignment during the prescribed timelines in accordance with the agreed work plan
Funding  Funding will be provided by the Government of Jamaica
Coordination/reporting relationship The Consultant will report to and operate under the supervision of the Senior Director, HRMD. The director will be supported by the Director, HRPD who will help to review the work of the Consultant
Support The consultant will be required to provide all tools to facilitate the undertaking of the assignment. The MOHW will commit to making available on a timely basis, all relevant resource documents including: documentation inclusive of relevant reports on specific initiatives, projects, Corporate and Operational Plans, existing Staff Lists, and job descriptions. The Senior Director, HRM&D / Director, Human Resource Planning & Development will support/work with the consultant to achieve desired results
Intellectual Property All information obtained during the delivery of this Consultancy is the property of the Ministry of Health and Wellness and requests to use same must be made in writing to the Chief Medical Officer/Permanent Secretary
Travel The consultant is responsible for budgeting for his or her own travel expenses.
Remuneration Payments for the services will be specified in the Contract



The Consultant must meet the minimum required qualifications as detailed below or based on equivalency. Equivalency decisions are made on the basis of a combination of education and experience that would provide the required knowledge and abilities.

  • Master’s in human resources development or equivalent qualification,
  • Strong track record working on TNA, working experience in designing and management of training courses,
  • At least 8 years’ experience in working with large organizations to deliver on similar scope,
  • Certified Trainer



The criteria and weighting system to be used in evaluating CV’s  are as follows:

Criteria Weighting

Masters Degree in Human Resources Management or equivalent HR Qualification

30 points

Working experience in designing and management training courses

Working experience with similar consultancy.

(8 or more similar consultancies 20 points, less than 5 experiences 10 points, no similar experiences 0 points











Certification as a Trainer

Total 100


The pass mark is 75%