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TERMS OF REFERENCE – NCD Communication Coordinator

  1. Background 

The Non-Communicable Diseases and Injury Prevention (NCD & IP) Unit in the Ministry of Health and Wellness (MOHW) is tasked with the role to improve the prevention and control of NCDs and Injuries in Jamaica. In Jamaica, 70% of all diseases are attributable to NCDs, while in 2019 a total of 27,888 injuries were reported across the regional health authorities from 9 sentinel hospitals. The burden of persons affected by NCDs and those reporting to healthcare facilities with injuries remain high. The Unit covers eight (8) priority NCDs including: Cardiovascular Diseases (Hypertension), Diabetes, Asthma, Sickle Cell Disease; Prostate, Breast, Colon and Cervical Cancer. The injury programmatic area covers both intentional and unintentional injuries.

Added to the Unit’s roles of creating policies and surveillance of these and other NCDs, is to ensure that health communication around these diseases and events is effectively done to increase awareness and knowledge, and to spur public action. The ongoing development and dissemination of information, education and communication (IEC) materials through the various communication channels contribute greatly to this process.


  1. Rationale 

The Unit covers these diseases that affect at least 70% of the population and there is great need for there to be increased awareness about specific diseases and their management. The Unit also collaborates with a myriad of internal and external stakeholders to carry out these activities and as such public awareness forms a large component of the Unit’s responsibilities which requires focused attention to successfully coordinate these activities. The Unit also engages in continual development and updating of printed and audiovisual material to ensure the messages to various target audiences remain current and relevant.

There is need for a communication coordinator specific to the Unit to coordinate events and updating/producing IEC materials including social media content.


  1. Overall Objective of the Consultancy

To provide planning and coordination support for NCD related commemorative events/health days and select communication activities.


  1. Scope of Work
  • Methodology:

The NCD Communication Coordinator will be expected to participate in planning meetings with the NCD&IP Unit team and key stakeholders for various NCD related public awareness and educational activities on the calendar and Operational Plan for the Unit, and coordinate the development and execution of these activities.

  • Specific activities of the NCD Communication Coordinator include:
  • Coordinate/attend required meetings with the NCD & IP Unit and other stakeholders
  • Collaborate and follow-up with internal and external stakeholders to facilitate execution of activities
  • Update current IEC materials
  • Design new IEC material – audiovisual, print
  • Develop disease-specific informational brochures
  • Coordinate commemorative events led by the NCD&IP Unit
  • Contribute to commemorative events and other campaigns related to NCD & IP that are led by other stakeholders, as required
  • Collaborate with the Public Relations and Communication, Nutrition and HPE Units on the execution of NCD&IP-related activities as applicable (including social media messaging)
  • Coordinate promotional activities around the NCD&IP website and collaborate with the NCD & IP Unit to make updates to the website as needed


These activities do not include the development/leadership of mass media campaigns.


  1. Key Deliverables

 The specific deliverables of the Communication Coordinator are:

  • Work Plan with Gantt chart completed within two (2) weeks of assumption
  • Monthly/Quarterly/Annual reports demonstrating successful completion of activities within agreed timelines as per the work plan
  • IEC materials updated and new IEC materials developed
  • Commemorative events successfully coordinated
  • NCD&IP related communication events successfully planned
  • Successful management of social media activities


  1. Contract Period

The service will be completed in 18 months:


  1. Qualifications

The consultant must possess:

  • Bachelors Degree in Communications, Journalism, Education or Equivalent.
  • Minimum 2 years working experience in Public Relations/Communication or the Media.
  • Any equivalent combination of education and experience
  • Demonstrated experience working with multi-disciplinary teams.


  1. Remuneration

The NCD Communication Coordinator will be remunerated equivalent to the amount agreed upon in equal monthly installments, upon submitting a monthly report detailing progress of deliverables as per approved Work Plan.


  1. Specific inputs to be provided by the Ministry of Health and Wellness (MOHW)

The MOHW through the NCD Unit, HPPB will:

  • Provide MOHW internal reference documents, NCD and Injury related information needed to enable the consultant in completing assigned tasks under the objectives in this TOR
  • Convene and facilitate consultations with stakeholders/experts
  • Provide written comments on updated and any newly developed IEC materials will be provided
  • Procure goods and services required to carry out communications related tasks, including material designs, product development and placement


  1. Reporting Relations

The consultant will report to the Director of Non-Communicable Disease and Injury Unit in the Ministry of Health and Wellness.


  1. Special Terms and Conditions

 The Consultant works at his/her own pace but must meet the established deadlines. All expenses excluding those procured by the MOHW (refer to point 9 above) should be stated in the budget as the total in the proposal and is the final amount to be paid. All resources and documentation produced from this activity are owned by the Ministry of Health and Wellness and shall not be accessed, shared or published without the permission of the Ministry of Health and Wellness.


  1. Evaluation Criteria 
Applicants will be scored out of 100 upon the presentation of CV, a detailed work plan and a financial proposal. The scores will be awarded as follows:

Area Score
Qualification and Experience 40
  • Bachelors Degree in Communications, Journalism, Education or Equivalent (15)
  • Minimum 2 years working experience in Public Relations/Communication or the Media (15)
  • Experience working with multi-disciplinary teams (10)
Work Plan (Technical approach and methodology) 30
  • Detailed technical proposal and methodology (20)
  • Detailed work plan (10)
Financial Proposal 30