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TERMS OF REFERENCE – Project Liaison Consultant National HIV/STI/TB Response


The Ministry of Health and Wellness (MOHW) is the preeminent government organization whose mandate is “To ensure the provision of quality health services and to promote healthy lifestyles and environmental practices”.  The MOHW manages health sector donor-funded projects channelled through the GOJ which includes the funds that support the National HIV Response Programme referred to as the Principal Recipient (PR) under the HIV response contracts implementing stakeholders under the GF grant (Implementation Agreement) UNICEF, UCSF and CTECH.

The National HIV/STI/TB Programme since its inception in 1988 has been mandated to assist the Government in the fight against the HIV/AIDS epidemic.  A National HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan (NISP) for the period 2014-2019 was developed to help curb the spread of the epidemic through increased awareness, targeted interventions, preventative Programmes, and by placing an emphasis on a multi-sectoral approach to slowing the spread of HIV/AIDS.  The current NISP for up to 2030 is under development but the strategies of the 2014 – 2019 plan are generally still relevant.

The HIV/STI/TB Unit is responsible for the National HIV Response and is the MOHW arm entrusted with the management, coordination and monitoring of HIV donor-funded Programmes.  The HIV/STI/TB Unit referred to as the Project Coordinating Unit (PCU) supports the MOHW in its capacity as Principal Recipient (PR) of the Global Fund grant resources, responsible for providing technical support and guidance in Treatment, Care and Support, Grant Management, Prevention Financial Management; EEHR, Procurement and Supply Management, M&E and Administration.  The PCU is also responsible for providing technical support for Treatment Care and Support activities for UCSF and CTECH.  The Unit procures and coordinates the supply and distribution of health products and non-health products which includes ART and test kits for the response and submits reports/updates to the MOF&PS, JCCM, GF, UCSF, CTECH and Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ).  The MOHW-HIV/STI/TB Unit seeks to engage the services of a Project Liaison Consultant to support the implementation of the donor funded projects.



The Consultant will support the Ministry of Health & Wellness by facilitating the management, coordination and implementation of the grants managed by the HIV/STI/TB Unit.



Provide support to ensure compliance with the internal control mechanisms established for the National HIV/STI/TB Response and ensure that improvement plans for all entities are developed and implemented accordingly.



The Project Liaison Consultant will perform a wide range of duties, which include but are not limited to the following:

  • Convenes meetings with the Ministry of Health & Wellness (MOH&W) and Donors to determine programmatic priorities and move forward documents needing urgent attention.
  • Coordinate the flow of documentation within MOH&W system to identify efficiencies and propose SOPs to MOH&W and Donors to improve efficiencies.
  • Identify documents needing approval and interface with responsible persons to ensure prompt response.
  • Track documents through approval process and work with stakeholders to find solutions to bottlenecks.
  • Develop system for tracking documents, including a physical and electronic logbook and follow-up on outstanding issues.
  • Conduct site visits on an interim basis and provide feedback to the MOH&W on issues needing follow up, especially those preventing sites from submitting documentation on-time.
  • Liaise with the Finance Officers within the HIV/STI/TB Unit (HSTU) to ensure that financial reports are submitted and cleared on a timely basis.
  • Share information between Donors and MOH&W on the progress of critical documentation related to budgets, programmatic decisions, and policies.
  • Provide updates to Donors and MOH&W on issues in progress; completed tasks and upcoming matters;
  • Submit to Donors and/or MOH&W requests for assistance in solving bottlenecks within respective agencies.
  • Attend coordination meetings as requested
  • Assist MOH&W and Donors in the drafting of correspondence and routing documents;
  • Review documents for completeness and make recommendations for corrections;
  • Assist Donors and MOH&W with the coordination of quarterly meetings and stakeholder consultations;
  • Support timely submission to Donors data and documentation that is required for the annual and semi-annual reporting



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  • A Bachelor Degree in Business Administration/Management, Social Sciences, Humanities or a related discipline from a recognized University
  • 3 years working experience in Administration at least 2 of which should be at a supervisory level.
  • Familiarity with the disbursement and procurement procedures for the Grants and the Government of Jamaica.



  • Understanding of the Grant system for reporting and monitoring;
  • Understanding of MOH&W system for reporting and monitoring;
  • Highly organized;
  • Ability to draft well-written correspondences;
  • Analytical thinker with strong written and verbal communication skills;
  • Ability to work under tight deadlines.
  • Proficiency in the use of relevant computer applications.



  • Duration : 1 year
  • Type of Assignment: Contract



The procuring entity shall evaluate the CV on the basis of their responsiveness to the TOR applying the evaluation criteria and point system specified as follows:

1)  Qualifications  [50%]

2)  Experience [30%]

3) Competencies   [20%]

            Total weight:   100%

Minimum pass park of 80% required.

Once the evaluation is complete the Consultants who attain 80% and above will be contacted for an interview.



The Consultant will report to the Senior Medical Officer, HSTU or his/her designate and provide the following for approval:

  • Monthly Reports
  • Quarterly Workplans
  • Any other reports deemed necessary



There is no leave entitlement under this Consultancy



The Consultant selected will be paid on a monthly basis upon the submission of the agreed deliverables outlined in the workplan.



The MOHW will provide access to office space and the relevant office equipment as the need arise for the execution of the relevant deliverables.