Press Releases

Ministry of Health Undertakes Public/Private Partnerships to Improve Access to Services

Health Minister Condemns Attack on Cuban Nurses

National Food Based Dietary Guidelines for Jamaica to Promote Healthy Eating

World TB Day 2015 ‘Reach the 3 Million – Reach, Treat, Cure Everyone’

Parents & Guardians Urged to take Children’s Immunization Cards and Child Health & Development Passport to Schools

Persons Living with HIV Will Benefit from Improved Facilities for Treatment, Care & Support

Ministry of Health Among Government Agencies Undertaking Measures to Enhance Capacity to Properly Dispose of Hazardous Waste

Minister of Health opens Dialogue on fast tracking AIDS response

Chinese Delegation Updates Minister of Health on Proposed Design of Child & Adolescent Hospital

$22 Million Dollars Spent on Ebola Preparedness and Response Public Education and Communication Programme