Press Releases

More Emphasis to be Placed on Pregnant Women as Part of Phase Two of the Zika Virus Response

Ministry of Health Increases the Number of Days Yellow Fever Vaccinations are Administered

Ministry of Health Urges Travelers to and from Yellow Fever Affected Areas to get Vaccinated

Health Minister Urges Jamaicans to Start Moving Again to Curb Lifestyle Diseases

Ministry of Health Encourages Vigilance for Mosquito Breeding Sites Amidst Increased Rainfall

Ministry of Health Encourages Persons Travelling to Yellow Fever Areas to Get Vaccinated

Minister of Health expresses Condolences to the Family and Friends of slain Missionaries

Ministry of Health Urges Persons to be Cautious about Ackee Preparation

Advisory Committee to be Setup to Improve Efficiencies in the Pharmaceutical Sector

New Legislation for Funeral Establishments and Mortuaries on the Horizon