Press Releases

Health Experts will meet to Advise on Support Needed for Children Born with Birth Defects Associated with Zika

Ministry of Health continues Drive to Strengthen Zika Community Intervention

Zika Update as at August 05, 2016

Ministry of Health is Reminding Persons to Get Vaccinated Before Travelling to Yellow Fever Affected Areas

Persons are being Urged to Look for Potential Mosquito Breeding Sites Following Recent Heavy Rains

Systems Put in Place to Monitor and Track Pregnant Women in Light of Possible Birth Defects Associated with Zika

Government Spends Over $100 Million So Far to Treat Patients with Acute Flaccid Paralysis Including Guillain Barre Syndrome

Ministry Advises Pregnant Women & Persons with NCDs to Seek Shelter Near a Hospital

Ministry Stockpiles Medication and Improves Clinical Capacity to Treat Guillain Barre Syndrome

Zika update of as at July 22, 2016