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Chief Medical Technologist 1 (HPC/MDT 4) two (2) vacant post

Salary $ 5,055,684  


Under the general supervision of the Chief Medical Technologist 11 performs scientific/technical activities in a Type C Hospital Laboratory, Type IV Health Centre Laboratory or a section in any department of Regional/Specialist Hospital Laboratory, National Public Health Laboratory, National Blood Transfusion Service to inform and support patient care decisions and treatment; public health policy decisions, surveillance, monitoring, intervention and control of communicable and non-communicable disease conditions in the healthcare system.



  1. Supervise the day-to-day operation of the department and responsibilities of staff in accordance with established goals.
  2. Assist in the compliance of good work practices by staff as required by the ISO standard.
  3. Ensure that the workload is processed in a timely and efficient manner, and that performance targets are met.
  4. Report all key performance indicators to supervisor.
  5. Prepared monthly report or submit data for monthly report for the laboratory or section of the department or laboratory in a timely fashion.
  6. Report to the supervisor when there is an incident which may cause a service delivery failure.
  7. Manage the ordering and maintenance of reagent and consumables for the optimal performance of all aspects of the work undertaken in the laboratory or section of the department/laboratory.
  8. Collect and collate the inventory of blood and blood components within the department (where applicable) and submit to supervisor.
  9. Participate in the selection of new laboratory instruments and the development of new technologies to enable an improved and more efficient service.
  10. Assist in the investigation of revenue saving procedures and cost analysis of service delivery while maintaining the quality of the laboratory or section of the department/laboratory operation.




  1. Evaluates the findings of investigation of clinical and non-clinical incidents relating to the specialized department or laboratory.


  1. Participates in research/project proposal to improve test method, turnaround time and the performance of the service.


  1. Prepares Department/Laboratory Procedure Manual/Policies/Test Algorithms leading to rewriting and/or updating, or writing new procedures.


  1. Collate proficiency test results and submit results for validation.


  1. Participate in the reviews and implementation of appropriate corrective action for the proficiency test report.


  1. Bring to the attention abnormal laboratory findings and trends to the relevant health care professional (Consultants/Requesting Medical Officer/Public Health Nurse/Public Health Inspector) in accordance to the standard operating procedures and MOH policies.



  • Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology form a reputable academic institution
  • Licensed Medical Technologist with the Council, Professions Supplemental to Medicine (CPSM) in Jamaica
  •  Training in Supervisory Management
  • Six (6) years minimum experience  at the supervisory level
  • Training in Laboratory Quality Management Systems and Laboratory Standard (ISO 15189/ISO 17025/ISO 9001)
  • Knowledge of computer applications and usage
  • Extensive knowledge in or expert in one or more of the following disciplines: Haematology, Clinical Chemistry, Microbiology, Immunohematology, Histology and Cytology
  • Be a member of one or both Medical Technology professional association (CASMET/MTAJ)