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Data Protection Analyst (MIS/IT 7) (Band 10) (Vacant)

(Salary: $5,597,715.00 per annum)



Under the general leadership and direction of the Principal Director – Health Informatics, the Data Protection Analyst will be responsible for the development of Data Protection/Privacy policies, procedures, controls, and guidance which ensures MOHW’s compliance with relevant Data Protection regulations where applicable and globally accepted standards for Health Informatics. The Analyst ensures that appropriate protocols are in place and that all areas across MOHW are always adhering to them. Additionally, the post provides legislative advice on all matters relating to the General Data Protection and privacy area.



  • Research, development and implementation of Data Protection and privacy policies and procedures for Health Informatics managed
  • Data Protection/Privacy Governance Frameworks and strategies to managed
  • Legislative advice on all matters relating to the Data Protection and privacy provided
  • Robust and comprehensive Data Quality and Protection controls managed
  • Data Protection training provided
  • Technical advice/information provided
  • Reports, Cabinet Submissions/Notes, technical papers, and publications prepared and issued
  • Stakeholder Relationships established and maintained
  • Annual/Quarterly/Monthly performance Reports prepared
  • Individual work plans developed



Technical/Professional Responsibilities

  • Provides overall management for the research, development and implementation of Data Protection and privacy policies and procedures in support of Health Informatics/e-Health;
  • Manages and owns any changes to policies and working practices relevant to the Data Protection and privacy area;
  • Identifies and addresses areas where the MOHW needs to review strategy, policy or procedure, or increase colleague awareness and training in Data Protection and Privacy;
  • Researches, designs and implements Data Protection/Privacy Governance Frameworks and strategies to manage the use of health informatics and e-health data in compliance with the requisite standards and guidelines;
  • Provides legislative advice on all matters relating to the general Data Protection and privacy impact assessments issues by ensuring MOHW compliance with applicable legal framework and policy guidelines;
  • Designs, implements and monitors robust and comprehensive Data Quality and Protection controls across the MOHW that supports the Information Systems for Health functions;
  • Devises, updates and reports on data and information management controls, issues, breaches and major incidents to pertaining to health informatics/e-health;
  • Maintains appropriate records to enable MOHW to liaise effectively and legally with the relevant supervisory authorities where applicable;
  • Provides expert advice, guidance and information to the MOHW and those partner agencies/departments/RHAs processing health data regarding their legal obligations as required;
  • Develops and manages data protection compliance frameworks by ensuring compliance checking activities are undertaken and compliance checking schedules are in place;
  • Develops and implements protocols and frameworks for coordinating and conducting data privacy audits;
  • Conducts regular reviews of the MOHW’s data processing operations and the accessibility of personal data pertaining to Health Informatics/e-Health;
  • Manages systems that ensures appropriate assignment of responsibilities in relation to the management of data and information and the processing and protection of personal data;
  • Applies a systematic approach to decision making and problem solving by calculating and identifying risks involved in various aspects of the functional area;
  • Works with key internal stakeholders in the review of projects and related data concerning Health Informatics/e-Health to ensure compliance with local data protection and privacy laws where applicable;
  • Monitors development and changes to Jamaican data protection and privacy laws; and makes recommendations to the Data Privacy and Information Governance to bolster processes and systems concerning Information Systems for Health;
  • Develops and delivers Data Protection and privacy training to various stakeholders in the healthcare sector;
  • Monitors the industry landscape to keep visibility on evolutions, trends, and best practices related to Data Privacy;
  • Develops and implements strategies and initiatives to ensure engagement with key internal and external stakeholders relating Data Protection and privacy matters;
  • Collaborates with internal and external Information Security functionaries to raise stakeholder awareness of data privacy and security issues concerning the health sector;
  • Collaborates with internal and external Information Security functionaries in the development and implementation of procedures and systems to maintain records of all data assets and management of data security incidents;
  • Promotes and embeds good Data quality and Information security principles across the MOHW and related stakeholder groupings;
  • Keeps abreast of Data Protection and Privacy for Health and e-Health initiatives to ensure adherence to international standards and competitiveness.



  • Bachelor of Laws;
  • Certification in Data Protection and Information Management;
  • Seven (7) years’ experience as a practicing attorney with exposure to Data Protection, Privacy and/or ICT Governance.


Applications with résumés are to be submitted no later than Friday, March 8, 2024, to:


Senior Director

Human Resource Management & Development

Ministry of Health & Wellness

10a Chelsea Avenue

Kingston 10

Email: jobs@moh.gov.jm


The Ministry of Health & Wellness thanks all applicants for their interest, but only those shortlisted will be contacted.