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Senior Director, Information Systems for Health (GMG/SEG 5) (Band 11) (Vacant)

(Salary: $6,820,273.00 per annum)



Under the direction and leadership of the Chief Technical Director – Policy, Planning and Development, the Senior Director, Information Systems for Health is responsible for leading and managing the delivery of digital health/Informatics/ICT policies, programmes and projects across the Jamaican Health system through the application of best-practice policies and programme governance, change management, reporting, assurance and benefits realisation. The Senior Director will address in a timely and customer-centric manner, new challenges and issues that are often without precedent; critical to which will be ensuring successful leadership and management of programmes and projects through effective selection, engagement, supervision and ongoing coaching and development of Programme Directors, Programme and Project Managers and other key stakeholders.



  • Jamaica’s short to long term Digital Health/Informatics, ICT, Health Records Management strategies and project management approaches designed, implemented and monitored
  • Evidence-based research and innovation in the Digital Health/Informatics sector fostered
  • Leads the strategic planning and management for the successful delivery of the Health Records Management, Digital Health/Informatics solutions, ICT programmes and projects led
  • Definition of a portfolio of Digital Health programmes, projects, and/or on-going service provision directed
  • Digital Health/Informatics Monitoring and Evaluation frameworks implemented and directed
  • Technical advice/information provided
  • Reports, Cabinet Submissions/Notes, technical papers, and publications prepared and issued
  • Stakeholder Relationships established and maintained
  • Corporate/Operational Plans and Budgets developed and managed
  • Annual/Quarterly/Monthly performance Reports prepared
  • Individual work plans developed
  • Staff Appraisals Conducted



Technical/Professional Responsibilities

  • Leads the design, implementation and monitoring of the Jamaica’s short to long term Digital Health and Informatics strategy, policies and project management approaches that support an integrated healthcare system to deliver patient/client centered health experiences;
  • Leads the design, implementation and monitoring of the Jamaica’s short to long term Health Records Management strategy and policies;
  • Fosters a culture of evidence-based research and innovation in the digital health sector to proactively anticipate the needs of health stakeholders at the policy and operational level to predict and meet future expectations and trends;
  • Leads the establishment and implementation of effective ICT governance systems that guarantees quality analysis and reform;
  • Leads the definition of a portfolio of programmes, projects, and/or on-going service provision and engaging and influencing senior executives to ensure the portfolio will deliver the agreed business objectives;
  • Leads the strategic planning and management for the successful delivery of the Digital Health solutions, ICT programmes and projects for the Government of Jamaica’s Healthcare system, including clinical informatics, integrated care solutions and ICT infrastructure;
  • Leads the creation of ICT systems that are fit for purpose and aligned to modernized clinical processes that enables clinicians to take a more active role in achieving outcomes and operational efficiencies;
  • Provides robust and effective management of all ICT programmes and projects, so that each is appropriately governed and aligned with the programme business case, Digital Health Strategy and the GOJ’s Digital Health project management approaches;
  • Directs the management and maintenance of a central repository of programmes and project information and standard project management methodologies for GOJs Digital Health solutions, as well as regular programme and project assurance, through a professionally managed programme and change management mechanisms;
  • Leads the continuous assessment of the healthcare ICT needs;
  • Leads the design and implementation of systems that ensures effective problem solving, risk management and issues remediation are in place for all programmes and projects;
  • Builds and maintains effective and influential, working relationships across the GOJs healthcare system and associated organisations, as well as ICT industry partners relevant to Digital Health, including the ICT Authority to facilitate information flow and the achievement of objectives;
  • Devises approaches that ensures the timely performance evaluation of programmes and projects, including completion of Post Implementation Reviews to extract appropriate learnings and feed them into GOJs Digital Health Strategy;
  • Drives a continuous improvement agenda by defining high level objectives and translate these into practical implementation strategies;
  • Leads the management of complex change management programmes across the GOJ healthcare system to support the functional area of digital health and informatics;
  • Directs the effective management of operational issues to ensure compliance with relevant policies, procedures, legislation and regulations, particularly in the areas of governance, programme management, quality assurance, information security, vendor management, risk management and contractor management;
  • Obtains the commitment of key stakeholders to major project strategies, including cross-organisational initiatives, and ensure ongoing communication;
  • Represents the Ministry/GOJ in critical Digital and ICT Health negotiations, including those that are regional and international, by achieving effective solutions in challenging relationships, ambiguous and conflicting positions;
  • Provides leadership and direction to the team to ensure continuous effective service delivery, a constructive workplace culture, a safe workplace, and a competitive performance based, innovative, responsive and accountable customer-focused service;
  • Leads the design and implementation of internal and external training modules aimed at strengthening the Information Systems for Health and e-Health initiatives processes within the Ministry and its agencies/health authorities and departments;
  • Keeps abreast of Information Systems for Health and e-Health initiatives to ensure adherence to international standards and competitiveness;
  • Serves as subject matter expert for key stakeholders.



  • Master’s degree in Public Policy, Management Information Systems/ICT, Health Information System Development, Management Studies, Business/Public Administration, Public Sector Management or equivalent discipline;
  • Certification in Leadership and Change Management;
  • Seven (7) years’ experience Public Policy/Analysis, Programme/Project Management or related area in the private or public sector, with at least four (4) at which at a senior management level.


Applications with résumés are to be submitted no later than Friday, March 8, 2024, to:


Senior Director

Human Resource Management & Development

Ministry of Health & Wellness

10a Chelsea Avenue

Kingston 10

Email: jobs@moh.gov.jm


The Ministry of Health & Wellness thanks all applicants for their interest, but only those shortlisted will be contacted.