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Strategic Health ICT Analyst (GMG/SEG 3) (Band 9) (Vacant)

(Salary: $4,594,306.00 per annum)



Under the direction and leadership of the Director, Strategic Health ICT, the Strategic Health ICT Analyst manages and coordinates the development, implementation and monitoring of a wide range of highly complex Health Informatics and e-Health policy initiatives to contribute to the delivery of strategic initiatives that support the Government of Jamaica mantra of digitizing and modernize healthcare in accordance with international practices.



  • Expert Health Informatics/e-Health policy advice and technical information Provided
  • Complex Health Informatics/e-Health policy issues/problems researched, analysed and reviewed
  • Comprehensive assessments of proposed Health Informatics/e-Health policies and programmes performed
  • Health Informatics/e-Health/ICT and associated stakeholders engaged
  • Monitoring and Evaluation plans, tools and data for including all Health Informatics/e-Health policies and associated programmes developed, implemented and maintained
  • Cabinet Submissions, correspondence, written reports, publications, and briefs prepared
  • Annual/Quarterly/Monthly performance Reports prepared
  • Individual work plans developed



Technical/Professional Responsibilities

  • Provides expert policy advice and information to relevant stakeholders to facilitate the appropriate interpretation and implementation of health informatics/e-health policies and support Ministry’s policy initiatives;
  • Researches, analyses and reviews complex health informatics/e-health policy issues/problems, identifying emerging issues, developing evidence-based options, and recommended solutions to resolve problems and mitigate risks;
  • Performs comprehensive assessments of proposed health informatics/e-health policies and programmes, identifying potential political, legal, social, economic, and financial impacts, determining performance indicators and recommending modifications;
  • Evaluates existing health informatics/e-health policies and programmes to determine their consistency with, and effectiveness in meeting, Corporate and government-wide priorities;
  • Solicits, analyses and integrates input from programme managers and analysts, in the course of health informatics/e-health policies and programmes evaluation and development;
  • Analyses alternative means of meeting policy objectives, including the review of initiatives of other jurisdictions, and evaluating the various implications of these options;
  • Provides targeted analysis of documents and proceedings, including research studies, proposals, Cabinet Submissions, discussion papers, etc. from internal and external stakeholders;
  • Recommends strategies to ensure consistency and compliance with health informatics/e-health policies, programmes, directives and guidelines;
  • Identifies, evaluates and critically analyses highly complex and politically sensitive issues and concerns affecting policy outcomes to deliver evidence-based decision making and develop logical, practical and well-balanced policy resolutions;
  • Monitors and critiques political, social, economic and demographic developments affecting health informatics/e-health interventions, including the expressed positions of the central and local government, community groups, health industry organizations, and other stakeholders;
  • Projects the impact of these developments, alerting the Director, Strategic Health ICT to contentious issues, and recommending responses;
  • Develops and implements Performance Monitoring Plans for the IS4H Branch and regularly identify planning and M&E Information requirements for the range of health informatics/e-health polices and associated programmes;
  • Develops innovative tools for measurement of progress and achievements of the Ministry’s health informatics/e-health policies;
  • Identifies and designs performance questions, key indicators and targets for each health informatics/e-health policy and associated programmes;
  • Collects data on inputs, activities and immediate outputs and reports on their contribution to eventual outcomes;
  • Plans and conducts baseline and end line studies for the Ministry’s health informatics/e-health policies and associated programmes;
  • Conducts field visits to obtain data in order to inform the design of performance monitoring/management plans where necessary;
  • Establishes and maintains monitoring and evaluation information systems or databases and ensures that resources are current, available for employees and widely disseminated;
  • Liaises with and provides monitoring and evaluation information to the Cabinet Office and related MDAs as required;
  • Monitors, evaluates and reports on the development and/or implementation of health informatics/e-health policies to identify issues and ensure the achievement of desired outcomes;
  • Prepares Cabinet Submissions, correspondence, written reports, publications, and briefs, that are informative and aligned with Ministry’s requirements and GOJ policy priorities;
  • Builds and maintains relationships with key internal and external stakeholders, facilitating their engagement in, and contribution to, the identification and development of policy solutions and to inform policy decision making;
  • Mentors/coaches and guides key policy stakeholders, ensuring compliance with governance and quality requirements, to successfully deliver policy priorities and initiatives
  • Maintains effective working relationships with senior policy professionals and key stakeholders across the public sector more generally to optimize engagement, consultation, negotiation and facilitation of policy alignment, implementation, and response;
  • Keeps abreast of health informatics/e-health policy initiatives to ensure adherence to international standards and competitiveness.



  • Master’s Degree in Public Sector Management, Public Policy, Business Administration, Management Studies, Health Information Systems, Healthcare Management or related field of Social Science;
  • Three (3) years’ experience in Public Policy or equivalent environment.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Public Sector Management, Public Policy, Business Administration, Management Studies, Health Information Systems, Healthcare Management or related field of Social Science;
  • Five (5) years’ experience in Public Policy or equivalent environment. 


Applications with résumés are to be submitted no later than Friday, March 8, 2024, to:


Senior Director

Human Resource Management & Development

Ministry of Health & Wellness

10a Chelsea Avenue

Kingston 10

Email: jobs@moh.gov.jm


The Ministry of Health & Wellness thanks all applicants for their interest, but only those shortlisted will be contacted.