16 more COVID-19 recoveries for Jamaica

8 new positives put total number of confirmed cases at 498

Jamaica has recorded 16 additional recoveries from COVID-19 and eight new confirmed positive cases over the last 24 hours. This brings to 78 the total number of recoveries and to 498 the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19.

The eight new confirmed cases include five males and three females, with ages ranging from 23 to 76 years. Two (2) are imported cases, both of them males, aged 23 and 30 years, from St. Ann.

The two, who are both asymptomatic and in isolation at a Government facility, were among the 122 persons to return to the island recently under the Controlled Re-entry Programme. So far, 101 of those 122 persons have been tested. Ninety-six (96) results are in, including the two (2) positives. Ninety-four (94) are negative and five (5) are pending.

Another two of the newly confirmed cases are a 25-year-old female and a 57-year-old male from the communities under Quarantine in St. Mary. The communities of Annotto Bay, Dover and Enfield in St. Mary were placed under 14 days’ quarantine, effective Thursday, May 7. The parish health department is conducting contact tracing in the communities.

Thirty-seven samples were collected from Enfield on Thursday. All thirty seven results have been received and include the two positives, 34 negatives and one pending. The two positive persons have been placed in isolation.

The other four of the eight new cases recorded in the last 24 hours are all contacts of confirmed cases. They are two (2) females and two (2) males from Kingston and St. Andrew with ages ranging from 26 to 76 years.

There are 224 confirmed COVID-19 cases related to the workplace cluster in St. Catherine. They are primarily from St. Catherine and Kingston and St. Andrew with ages ranging from 17 to 53 years. They include 168 females and 56 males.

At this time in Jamaica, there are:

  • 37 imported cases;
  • 224 linked to the workplace cluster in St. Catherine;
  • 187 that are contacts of confirmed cases (including 93 who are contacts of employees in the workplace cluster in St. Catherine);
  • 24 that are local transmission not epidemiologically linked; and
  • 26 that are under investigation.


The figures have been updated following investigation, review and reclassification of cases under investigation.

Three hundred and three (303) or 61% of the confirmed cases are females and 195 or 39% are males. Their ages range from two (2) months to 87 years. 

The number of samples tested in the last 24 hours is 256, bringing the total number of samples tested on the island to 6,889. Of that 6,889, in addition to the 498 positives, there are 6,341 negatives and 50 pending.


Clinical Management Summary as at 3:00 PM on May 9, 2020

Total Samples Tested 6,889
Results Positive 498
Results Negative 6,341
Results Pending 50
Deceased 9
Recovered 78
Number in Facility Quarantine 132
Number Hospitalised

(Including suspected positive COVID-19 cases)

Persons Moderately Ill 2
Persons Critically Ill 0
Persons in Facility Isolation 206
Persons in Home Isolation 139
Persons in Transitional Facilities 15