Month: August 2019

Enhancing Health Services Delivery Project – Diagnostic Imaging and Radiology Services Description of the Services/Technical Specification

The Ministry of Health & Wellness will be implementing the Enhancing Health Services Delivery Project, designed to improve access to services provided at public health facilities.  This initiative reaffirms the Government of Jamaica’s commitment to the abolition of user fees in public health facilities and builds on previous efforts to reduce wait times for services and will result in shorter wait times for admissions as well as shorter hospital stays.  The project will be implemented under three components: (i) Diagnostic Radiology services (ii) Elective surgeries (iii) removal of social cases from hospitals.

The Ministry of Health and Wellness requires private firms to provide diagnostic imaging and radiology services to patients registered in public healthcare facilities for a period of two years.

The public health facilities to be served are:


No Regional Authority Hospital Parish
  South East and KSA
1   Kingston Public Kingston
2   Spanish Town St. Catherine
3   Linstead St. Catherine
4   Princess Margaret St. Thomas
5   Hope Institute Kingston
6   Mona Rehab Centre Kingston
7   National Chest Kingston
8   Victoria Jubilee Kingston
9   Bustamante Kingston
10   Mandeville Regional Manchester
11   Black River St. Elizabeth
12   Lionel Town Clarendon
13   May Pen Clarendon
14   Percy Junor Manchester
  North East    
15   St. Ann’s Bay St. Ann
16   Annotto Bay St. Mary
17   Port Antonio Portland
18   Port Maria St. Mary
19   Cornwall Regional St. James
20   Savanna-La-Mar Westmoreland
21   Falmouth Trelawny
22   Noel Holmes Hanover

The investigations to be conducted include:

(a)        CT Scans

(b)        MRI Scans

(c)        Ultrasounds

(d)       Angiography

(e)        Endoscopy (colonoscopy and urogenital endoscopy)

(f)        Hispathology

(g)        Fluoroscopy

(h)        Mammography


Performance Specifications / Standard Operating Procedures

A. Standard Operating Procedures

  1. Authorized Clinicians/Personnel from any of the participating facilities are able to request testing from service providers.  A list of authorized personnel will be provided by the Ministry of Health and Wellness
  2. The Service Provider shall provide timely reporting of test results in keeping with the turnaround time noted in the agreed Priced Activity Schedule.
  3. Reports must be returned to the requesting health facility in the agreed format
  4. Provide reports in the following formats:
    • Electronically to the designated person at the Health Facility
    • Hard copy, sealed and given to patient to be returned to Health Facility
  5. Facilitate the provision of emergency services where required
  6.  The Service Provider shall designate a contact person available by phone and email.


B. Performance Specifications

  1. The Services shall be provided in accordance with generally accepted clinical and legal standards, consistent with prevailing medical ethics governing the Service Provider.
  2. The Contractor shall employ only competent and satisfactory personnel and shall provide a sufficient number of employees to perform the required services efficiently and in a manner satisfactory to the Client.
  3. The Service Provider and its personnel shall exercise independent professional judgment and shall assume professional responsibility for all services to be provided under this Agreement.
  4. The Service Provider shall be responsible for the quality and quantity of services performed under this Agreement.
  5. The Service Provider shall store, use and maintain all equipment necessary to provide the Services strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and with good practice in relation to infection control.
  6. The Service Provider warrants that any of the Service Provider’s consumables or equipment utilized by the Service Provider are in safe and proper working order and suitable for the purpose, and all equipment is adequately and appropriately insured.
  7. The Service Provider shall have sufficient appropriately registered, qualified and experienced laboratory, medical, and other clinical and non-clinical personnel to ensure that the Services are provided in all respects and at all times in accordance with this Agreement.
  8. The Service Provider’s personnel shall:
    • if applicable, be registered with the appropriate professional regulatory body;
    • possess the appropriate qualifications, experience, skills and competencies to perform the duties required of them and be appropriately supervised managerially and professionally; and
    • be covered by adequate indemnity insurance for the provision of the Services
  9. The Ministry of Health and Wellness retains the right to monitor the quality of services furnished by the Service Provider.
  10. The Service Provider shall maintain as confidential all medical records of patients in accordance with medical ethics and the law. The Service Provider shall counsel its personnel, and subcontractors on their obligation to ensure that such information remains confidential. 
  11. The Service Provider shall:
    • Ensure that the services are performed in a safe and effective manner;
    • Ensure confidentiality of results
    • Have in place and maintain a Quality Management System acceptable to the Ministry of Health;
    • Be certified in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and should possess current licenses and permits to operate
    • Ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations; and
    • Make available to the Ministry of Health a copy of its Standard Operating Procedures.


C. Payment Schedule

Payments shall be made according to the following:

  1. The Service Provider shall submit monthly invoices for Services completed and provided to Patients during that month.
  2. The invoices shall indicate:
    • The patient’s information (identification number, registration number etc.)
    • Details of  testing services provided for each patient
    • Date each test  was requested 
    • Rate per test for the services provided in accordance with the agreed Rate Schedule
  3. The Service Provider shall submit the Request for Services Form issued by a Designated Official as a condition of payment.
  4. To maintain confidentiality, the Service Provider in agreement with the Health Facility shall assign each patient with a Registration Number for identifying patients otherwise than by name. This Patient Registration Number shall be included on all correspondence pertaining to the patient.
  5. The Service Provider shall maintain medical records, test results and other documents that may be required by the Client as evidence of the Services provided. The Client may delay payments to the Service Provider if such documentation is not maintained and provided on request in order to validate invoices.