Jamaica Health and Lifestyle Survey 2007-8

Executive Summary

During the last fifty years the major cause of death and disability in Jamaica has changed from communicable and infectious diseases to chronic non-communicable disease conditions. The major health challenges that we face in Jamaica today based on the changing epidemiological profile are largely rooted in our lifestyle and show a dominance of the three priority health areas, namely, chronic disease, sexually related conditions including HIV/AIDS and violence related injuries and deaths.

There is mounting evidence that behavioural practices play a major role in the aetiology, management and prognosis of these conditions. This study provides nationally representative estimates of the burden and trends in these diseases and their association with lifestyle practices. The data will provide information on secular trends in CNCDs in the Jamaican society and their risk factors; estimates of the levels of awareness, treatment and control among persons with CNCDs have also been analyzed. This information will support the development of programs to encourage persons to engage in healthy lifestyles and should inform healthcare institutions on policy.

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