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Vision for Health 2030 – Ten Year Strategic Plan 2019 – 2030

This Vision for Health 2030 – Ten-year Strategic Plan signals our intentions and communicates our vision for the health of and health care delivery system for our population. For the next ten years, our challenge is to find the most effective mix of prevention and treatment measures that makes the best use of our resources in improving health and extending life. With the compassionate care programme and ensuring that hospitals, specialized care centres and support services are modernized to provide efficient and quality services in an aesthetically pleasing environment – we are striving to give patients the best experience when utilising public sector healthcare services.

A combination of studies conducted and first-hand experience has revealed gaps in leadership and governance. Despite agreement on the urgent need for reform, this did not translate into clear policy direction and guidelines in order for the Government to make timely and appreciable steps. This Strategic Plan provides that structure and clarity.

The Vision for Health 2030 – Ten Year Strategic Plan lays out the basis for gaining consensus around the health financing initiatives that will enable the Government to finance these reform programmes. Universal Health Coverage and Universal Access to Health remains a priority and the tangible commitments in this Strategic Plan are to ensure that the population is able to access i) quality care at upgraded facilities, by trained staff with the appropriate mix of skills, ii) required levels of equipment, pharmaceuticals, and supplies, and iii) the requisite financial protection.

Attaining optimal health is now well beyond the walls of the health facilities and health outcomes can only be improved by addressing social determinants of health and by promoting personal responsibility. This challenges the traditional view of the health sector domain and only through leadership and advocacy can the goal of enhanced health and welfare be attained.

As a Nation, we have bold decisions and choices to make to respond to the current health needs and safeguard our future generations; we need a new paradigm to transform health and health care delivery.


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