Director, Medical Solid Waste Management (GMG/SEG 5) (Vacant)


To develop, manage and coordinate the implementation of a comprehensive waste management programme to improve the management of waste from healthcare facilities.

To oversee the establishment and administration/management of all regional treatment facilities and collections systems, and develop, implement and monitor all requisite plans, manuals, procedures, tools and databases necessary to ensure compliance with regulatory standards.



Management Administrative Responsibilities

  • Design, develop and implement the waste management programme strategic plan, work plan and budget.
  • Prepare and present monthly reports on the programme’s management, operational and financial status.
  • Pursue funding opportunities from local and international institutions to implement waste management programme.
  • Direct the management operation of all regional waste treatment facilities and collection systems.
  • Coordinate with regional health authorities, healthcare facilities, regulatory agencies and other stakeholders to plan, develop, implement and monitor the regulatory framework, operational manuals, training programs, and procurement plans to effect proper management of healthcare waste.
  • Develop, manage, maintain and monitor all documentation (manuals, guidelines, standard operating procedures, etc.) to ensure that all healthcare facilities, treatment facilities and collection systems are in compliance with all pertinent government regulations.
  • Collaborate and develop inter-sectoral linkages between relevant stakeholders to ensure effective programme implementation and sustainability.
  • Liaise and coordinate with Government Agencies relative to permitting and compliance, and assist with any investigations or surveys or practices as appropriate.
  • Manage and monitor all licenses and permits issued by Regulatory Agencies as they relate to all treatment facilities and collection systems.
  • Manage and monitor all contracts pertaining to the implementation, operation and maintenance of the waste management programme and the regional waste treatment facilities and collection systems.

Technical Professional Responsibilities

  • Provide technical assistance and advice to various groups as it relates to the management of healthcare waste.
  • Develop, maintain and implement management, training, operation, maintenance, contingency and emergency response plans to effect the proper management of healthcare waste.
  • Develop technical specifications and contract terms of reference for the procurement of goods, services and equipment pertaining to the establishment, operations and maintenance of the waste management programme and the regional waste treatment facilities and collection systems.
  • Monitor the procurement process for the supply and installation of all medical waste treatment facilities and collections.
  • Provide technical support with the development and review of the national policy, law, regulations and guidelines on medical waste management

Human Resource Responsibilities

  • Manage the welfare and development of direct reports through the preparation of performance appraisals and recommendation of required training and development programmes.
  • Provide leadership to staff through objective setting, delegation and communication.
  • Provide guidance to staff through coaching, mentoring and training, and providing assistance and support as needed.



  • Master degree in Waste Management, Sanitation Engineering, Environmental Engineering, or related subject; and
  • Five years of working experience in the field of waste management at the senior level.


Applications with résumés are to be submitted no later than Tuesday, April 13, 2021, to:

Human Resource Management & Development
Ministry of Health & Wellness
10A Chelsea Avenue
Kingston 10