Month: June 2018

Career Opportunity – Environmental Engineer (SOG/ST 6)


The Environmental Engineer in the National Public Health Laboratory (NPHL)/ Environmental Health Laboratory (EHL) provides technical support to the Environmental Health Unit (EHU) of the Ministry of Health (MOH), the Regional Health Authorities and the Parish Health Departments in environmental analysis and incidents investigations. The Environmental Engineer also supervises the day-to-day technical activities of the department and carries out laboratory analyses and field work.



  • Supervise the Environmental Health Laboratory analytical programme to ensure
    • Accurate and timely delivery of test results
    • Identification and establishing of key test methods and parameters to meet the needs of environmental analysis
    • Provide technical supervision to staff
  • Facilitate environmental health field testing and incident investigation to all the departments of the Ministry of Health
  • Provide information to assist in policies development
  • Provide technical advice and testing, methods, environmental contaminants, risks and interventions strategies
  • Sit on various committee as assigned
  • Reports prepared.
  • Facilitate research and other project activities


Regular duties:

  • Supervises day-to-day analyses of samples submitted to include planning of tests, troubleshooting, calculation and interpretation of results, checking and preparation of reports.
  • Verifying that test results are satisfactory and provide consultation on their interpretation where necessary
  • Assists in providing technical and laboratory support to the EHU and health departments through provision and interpretation of technical information consultation for procurement of instrumentation, special sampling and testing exercises, consultation on environmental incidents.
  • Conducts chemical and bacteriological testing for quality assurance and on special occasions.
  • Attends weekly meetings with the Engineers and Environmental Specialist to review subdivision and submissions for development to include evaluation of engineering drawings and design, site visits research on new technologies and recommendations for improvement.
  • Conducts engineering/sanitary survey in the evaluation of water supplies and wastewater plants using approved standards.
  • Assists the Chief Environmental Engineer with the preparation of monthly reports, budgets and day to day management of reagents and supplies for the laboratory and management of the EHL database.
  • Conducts monthly field audits (assess sample collection and field testing exercises conducted by PHI’s)
  • Conducts or assists in the full environmental incidents investigations within the MOH as well as with other agencies to include scene evaluations (site visits), research, sampling and testing, interviews, consultations drafting of reports and making of recommendations.
  • Attends and conducts workshops and training and make presentations both local and overseas.
  • Conducts and coordinates testing of new equipment and technologies before deploying them into the field
  • Conducts and develops research to improve the analytical capacity of the laboratory and the National Public Health
  • Conducts duties assigned by the management of the NPHL such as sitting on various committees and contributing to laboratory management decisions
  • Appraises the performance of the staff directly under his/her supervision and develop performance standards for them.


Duties directed through subordinates:

  • Ongoing analysis of the different areas within the laboratory (water, wastewater, air pollution, occupational health)
  • Sample collection for quality control, and for routine analysis.
  • Recording of data in the data books, report sheets and computers.
  • Carrying out quality control for each analysis.
  • Scheduling of field activities assisting in the engineering/sanitary survey in the evaluation of water supplies and wastewater plants using approved standards.



  • A Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry and/or Biology or an equivalent degree
  • Master degree in chemical or relevant discipline will be an asset
  • Three (3) years in the public/privy sector involved in the coordination of a laboratory


Interested persons may apply in writing accompanied by resumes. Applications must be submitted no later than Thursday, July 5, 2018 to:
Director, Human Resource Management & Development
Ministry of Health
10A Chelsea Avenue, Kingston 10

Please note that responses will be sent to short- listed applicants only.